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ANGELS FOR BABIES is a multi-award winning online meeting platform that helps connect parents seeking childcare with childcare providers such as nurseries, registered child minders, babysitters and nannies.

Parents and childcare providers can create a free profile advertising their childcare requirements or childcare services that we publish on our website and apps, and index in our childcare search engine.

Parents and childcare providers deal direct and negotiate their own rates. It's possible to find childcare or childcare work without paying us a penny!

Our service can also be accessed via our iPhone, iPad and Android mobile apps.

What do I get for free?

It's completely free to register with us and to add a profile advertising your childcare services or baby related business requirements. Free members can expose their services through our website. Free members can also easily upgrade their profile and get connected to our premium members for direct contacts.

To register for free Click here!

What is Gold Membership?

ANGELS FOR BABIES.LLC Gold membership is for parents, childcare providers and baby related businesses who want to be more proactive in their search. Standard free members must wait for a response to their profile but gold members can use our safe and secure private messaging system to initiate contact with all other members. Don't sit back and wait for someone to contact you; become a gold member and get talking right away! Gold members have the greatest chance of success. Gold membership is the essential tool for parents with an immediate childcare requirement or for childcare service providers seeking new customers.

Another benefit of Gold membership is that free members can also send you messages so you can be sure never to miss a message from any member, even if they aren't a gold member themselves. Gold members can also make their direct contact details, such as their telephone number, available to free members.

Gold members can also view Profile Plus information such as a user's email address or phone number if they have optionally chosen to add that information to their profile for gold members to see. Further, gold members get their profiles randomly featured right at the top of the search results.

There is a small charge for being a Gold member which helps cover the costs of running the website. The price is currently £19.99 per month or £99.99 per year that you stay a gold subscriber.

Once you have gold membership, we guarantee not to increase your renewal rate for the duration you stay a continuous gold subscriber.

Read full details on the Benefits of Gold Membership!

To upgrade to Gold membership Click here!

Why do I have to pay for Gold Membership?

We have invested lots of financial resources to developing our website and will continue to invest in advertising in order to attract the highest quality parents and childcare providers as our members.

We have over 15 years experience providing perfect match for new parents. We invest the majority of our revenue into improving our site to ensure we offer the best possible service and innovative features.

Is my Personal information safe?

Yes - We will never sell the personal data. The information we ask for is solely used for providing the service we offer. If you create a profile, your details will be displayed on our website for other users to see once it has been reviewed and approved by our moderation team.

Our website features our own unique secure, private messaging system which is used by members to contact each other. Members do not even have to disclose their email address to other members until they choose to do so.

We provide members with a range of tools and settings to protect their privacy. These are managed via the PRIVATE SETTING page of your account.

We follow security procedures as required under (worldwide Data Protection Legislation) to protect the information that we store about you from unauthorized access.

Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.

I haven't received my account activation email

When you become a member we send you an account activation email to the email address you provided us with. You must click the link in the email to activate your account. This is so we can confirm that the email address you have given us is correct. If you do not receive the account activation email, please check your junk or spam folder as some internet service providers are overzealous and may confusingly associate our emails as unwanted.

If you do not click the link in the account activation email then we may not be able to send you email alerts and notifications from our website such as when you receive a new message. It is therefore very important that you click the link to activate your account.

Let’s talk a little about security: BACKGROUND CHECKS! 


What does each background check cover?

It is important to know that background checks are not automatically run on members. Background checks are run in two ways: caregivers can run background checks on themselves or parents can request background checks be run on caregivers. All background checks run are performed by the third party consumer reporting agency TalentWise. Not all records are publicly available in all jurisdictions and in many jurisdictions there is a delay before records are publicly available. Records not available to TalentWise or not allowed to be reported by law are not included in results. Juvenile records and records for minors may also not be publicly available and, therefore, will not be included in results. TalentWise will only report publicly available records and will not report convictions, deferred adjudications or pending court cases suppressed by state and federal reporting restrictions. Dismissed cases, arrests not resulting in convictions, arrests or convictions from foreign countries and nolle pros will not be reported. If a background check returns results, the individual may be removed from the website. Parents are advised to contact caregivers to review their completed background check results.

I. Basic Background Check

A Basic Background Check searches names based on the provided social security number against select databases sourced from various jurisdictions which are then verified against available county court records. In most instances, around seven years of records data is returned except where limited by the jurisdiction or law. The Basic Background Check does not include federal records or a manual search of county records where the person has lived or worked. Click here to see what is included.

II. Enhanced Background Check

An Enhanced Background Check includes all elements of a Basic Background Check plus a search of the name provided and up to one alias/maiden name in all counties associated with the provided social security number over the last seven years (as determined by a social security number trace). In most instances, around seven years of records data is returned except where limited by the jurisdiction or law. The Enhanced Background Check does not include federal records.

III. Motor Vehicle Records Checks

A Motor Vehicle Records Check includes a search of the state’s motor vehicle records database based on the driver’s license and state provided. Information reported varies by state, and records in other states may not be included in the search of a state’s motor vehicles records database. In most instances, no more than seven years of records data is returned. If a Motor Vehicle Records Check returns any results, a badge will not appear on the profile. If the results of a Motor Vehicle Records Check show any of the offenses below, the individual will be removed from the website:

  • Any charge that states it is a felony or misdemeanor
  • Driving under the influence (DUI); driving while intoxicated (DWI); operating under the influence (OWI); operating/driving While impaired; drug related offense; failure to submit to a sobriety test;
  • Violence related offense; vehicular assault; homicide, manslaughter, or vehicular homicide
  • Driving while drivers license is expired, suspended, or revoked; driving without a drivers license;
  • Allowing unlicensed driver to operate vehicle;
  • Drag racing; reckless driving;
  • Reckless driving; careless driving; negligent driving; racing;
  • Hit and run; leave the scene of an accident; fail to report accident;
  • Evading/fleeing a police officer;
  • Fail to pay fines/fail to appear in court;
  • Child restraint violation; and
  • Habitual offender

The offenses listed above are described generally and such descriptions may not be consistent among all jurisdictions. It is TalentWise's sole discretion to determine which offenses fall within the offenses listed above. As such, similar offenses may not result in removal from the website. It is important to remember that background checks are not foolproof; criminals may circumvent even the most sophisticated search technology; and background checks may give a false sense of security and are not the perfect safety solution. For more details about the results of an individual's background check, please request a copy of the results directly from the individual.

For other questions about background checks, please contact


What are featured profiles?

Featured profiles are profiles that are sometimes highlighted in at the top of the search results. We feature random profiles of gold members.

In order to be occasionally featured you must be a gold member and should have a photo on your profile.

Why isn't my profile showing?

Once you have created a profile it is placed in a queue to be reviewed. When your profile has been reviewed and accepted by our moderation team it will go live on our website. This process usually takes less than 24 hours. Will will send you an email to let you know when your profile is live. When you go the 'My Profile' page we will display the status of your profile at the top of the screen.

If you make a change to your profile then your previous profile will stay online until the new changes have been approved by our moderation team.

Why isn't my photo showing?

We only accept photos of either the parent/family or childcare provider who is registered to use our website. Photos of childcare providers containing more than one person or children are not allowed. If you are a company we accept company logos that do not contain any alpha-numeric characters in place of a photo. If you add or change your photo the new photo won't appear until it has been reviewed and approved by our moderation team.

I have found a childcare provider that I like. How do I know they are good?

We always encourage parents to do as much research as possible once they have found a childcare provider that they are interested in using. Always speak to them on the phone and arrange at least one face to face meeting, in a public place, before you use their services. Ask them as many questions as you can think of and get them to show you written proof of their qualifications, registration certificates, insurance and DBS/CRB checks if they have them or are required. You should ask childcare providers for references from other parents and you should verify these by contacting the person giving the reference to ensure they are genuine. We have a free online guide on Checking Childcare Provider Documentation which we recommend you read.

How do I contact a childcare provider or parent?

Simply use the Angels For Babies,LLC secure, private messaging system to send them a message via our website. Both parents and childcare providers personal contact details are kept confidential. To send a message click the 'Message' button which appears towards the top right hand side of each profile.

When you send someone a message, we will send them an email to let them know they have a new message waiting. You can tell if a message you have sent has been read by viewing the sent message via the 'My Messages' page. Unread sent messages say 'unread' next to them.

If a user has completed the Profile Plus section of their profile and specified direct contact details such as their email address, phone number of mobile number, then Gold members can also contact the user directly without using our private messaging system.

Why can't I send messages?

Free members cannot send messages to gold members. In order to send messages to all members you must UPGRADE gold membership.

In order to prevent our messaging system being abused and used to send spam messages we limit the number of messages that each user can send within a 24 hour period. If you receive a message to say that you have exceeded your limit and wish to send more messages, please Contact Us and we will review your account with a view to increasing your daily limit subject to the content of your previous messages being acceptable.

Can I add my email address or telephone number to my profile?

Yes, it is possible to optionally add your email address, phone number and mobile number to the Profile Plus section of your profile. This information can be viewed by gold members and also by free members, if you are a gold member.

For security, safety and confidentiality reasons we do not allow direct contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers within the standard area of your profile.

Parents and childcare providers are free to disclose their contact details in private messages.

Can I add a link to my website from my profile?

Yes, childcare providers or baby related businesses can add their website links in their Profile Plus information which can only be viewed by Gold members.

We do not allow website addresses or links within your standard profile.

How are rating scores calculated?

Parents can rate childcare providers using our 5 star rating system. All childcare providers start with a rating score of zero. The stars rating are based upon the average rating of all the reviews that a childcare provider has received.

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